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Office Equipment Finance


“I didn’t realise I could Lease all of this equipment?”.

Business sometimes thinks paying for your office equipment using cash is the least expensive option. But is that true? Many business owners may fear being locked into payments whilst not knowing what the future holds or simply the cost of the interest payments. Whilst these are valid fears it is important to realise that using cash also weakens the business by reducing your working capital.

In today’s business climate the office equipment a company needs to invest in makes all the difference in today’s competitive business climate. It is critical that be it new printers, computers, furniture and all the fittings that go into an office that they make the office a competitive environment.

Having the right office environment with the right office equipment gives you the edge. Building your business is important. So, finance your office equipment ensuring your business has cash it can access at any time. There is no need to put your business at financial risk when you do not have to. Where finance is available use, it is putting your cash to work in areas that cannot be financed. Be it investing in the team or purchasing outside expertise or any other area that requires investment but where finance is not available

In all, we believe our service offers that little bit extra:

  • Access to a wide range of lenders and competitive rates
  • Impartial, independent advice from experienced commercial finance experts
  • Finance for all facets of Office Equipment: Printers, Photocopiers, Furniture, Office partitions, Carpets, Blinds, Mezzanines, Artwork, Plants
  • Timesaving in researching the right method of finance and processing your application
  • Ongoing partnership, advice, and support to truly enhance your business.

The Result?

Well, we believe in the formative years of a business leasing finance can prove critical to the success of a new venture. The early years are when the business is getting established and both need to invest and have more erratic cashflows until well established.

    What we offer

    IT Finance

    “Show me a more cost-effective way of managing my IT”




    Vendor Finance

    How often have you heard clients or prospects say, “I’d love to buy it, but I don’t have the budget available’



    Asset Finance

    “I’d rather spend a morning winning a new customer than ringing round finance companies.”




    Vehicle Sourcing and Finance

    Have you ever wished that sourcing fleet vehicles and arranging finance could be less of a headache?




    Common questions

    Why use a finance broker?

    In a nutshell, we can survey the whole market and get the best solution from a host of providers, and taking all the work out of trying to find the right funding solution.

    What is the benefit over using my bank?

    Your bank is your companies core working capital line. It might be required for a rainy day, covering payroll when a debtor is late paying so don’t tie up all your credit with the bank on your equipment finance when this can be sourced through a third party leaving your bank facilities free for emergencies or smoothing the general working capital of the business.

    Are the agreements fixed monthly payments?

    Yes, all the finance we offer is fixed rate ensuring the business can budget.

    What do people mean when they say Leasing is Assured?

    In simple terms, a bank can call in the overdraft and, loans on demand even if you have been making the payments on time. But leasing once agreed is set and can never be called in if the payments are being met giving the business peace of mind.

    We have paid cash for the equipment and wished we had financed. Can we still finance this?

    Yes, this is known as Sale and Leaseback. For equipment up to 12 months old we can finance the full balance. For older equipment, a valuation can be sort and a lend against the current value can be looked at.

    How, long does it take to arrange the finance?

    If the equipment is available for immediate delivery, we can look to sort the finance out in 48 hours.


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